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Imagine you or a family member are hospitalized while on vacation, hundreds of miles from trusted medical care.

Unfortunately for the Kertesz family, this situation was their reality last winter. Fortunately for the family, they are members of Global CARE, a service of Cleveland Clinic.

“I first found out about the program a couple years ago,” says Alex Kertesz. “It’s such a wonderful idea that my son bought a policy for myself and my wife in December. I always wanted to have access to my Cleveland Clinic cardiologist, no matter where I was.”

Kertesz recounts his family’s experience with activating the Global CARE team for his wife while in Delray Beach, Florida.

“Eight people came to get us from the hospital for the transport back to Cleveland,” he recalls. “Everyone thought the President was in the hospital!”

Unlike other medical transport services, Global CARE teams are led by physicians and/or acute care nurse practitioners who are on-board during every flight, a benefit that really sold the Kertesz family on the program.

“I can’t say enough nice things about what the service was like,” he continues

“We went from an ambulance to the plane, with three nurses and two wonderful pilots waiting to transport us from the airport.

“The nurses, they were great in keeping a close eye on us,” he says. “Even one of the pilots came in the back several times during the flight to make sure everything was okay.”

Roberta Intrater, of San Francisco, is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Global
CARE program. She too was sold on the program because of the unique benefits it provides.

“I first heard about Global CARE when I was getting a second opinion about potential open heart surgery from Cleveland Clinic,” Intrater says. “The most appealing ‘draw’ of Global CARE is the support you would get from the Cleveland Clinic team of outstanding doctors, nurses and support staff, regardless of where we are in the world.”

While other transport programs can provide emergency transportation, they will often just transport a patient to the closest appropriate facility, not the patient’s choice.

The Global CARE program offers more.

“What we feel sets Global CARE apart from the other programs is the total support, from the first phone call to your final destination is done with the high quality expertise of the team at Cleveland Clinic,” says Intrater. “When there is an emergency, the quality of support and care does make a difference! We want to know that we have the best helping us through a tough situation.”

An annual single membership is only $400 and a family membership is only $600. There are no preexisting condition restrictions, no co-pays and no deductibles.

It’s an investment that people like the Kertesz family and Roberta Intrater will continue to make.

“My husband and I have been members for just under a year,” says Intrater, “but plan to renew our membership yearly as it’s simply an insurance that we don’t want to have to think about when we travel near or far.”

“We bought the service hoping that we would never need to use it,” she concludes.

“But after hearing stories of situations totally out of one’s control that come up, we’d rather know that if some major health event occurred away from home that Cleveland Clinic would be there for us.”

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