Medical Emergencies Can Happen Anywhere

Often when you least expect it. That’s why Cleveland Clinic created Global CARE (Critical Care Air Rescue and Evacuation) - to give travelers peace of mind, knowing that access to top medical care is just a phone call away.

If you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and cannot travel by commercial means, our medical staff and flight crews will transport you to the Cleveland Clinic or the facility of your choice – a benefit that most travel insurances do not provide.


“I always wanted to have access to my Cleveland Clinic cardiologist, no matter where I was. I can’t say enough nice things about what the service was like. We went from an ambulance to the plane, with three nurses and two wonderful pilots waiting to transport us from the airport. The nurses, they were great in keeping a close eye on us. Even one of the pilots came in the back several times during the flight to make sure everything was okay.”

—Alex Kertesz, Cleveland, OH

“I first heard about Global CARE when I was getting a second opinion about potential open heart surgery from Cleveland Clinic. The most appealing ‘draw’ of Global CARE is the support you would get from the Cleveland Clinic team of outstanding doctors, nurses and support staff, regardless of where we are in the world. What we feel sets Global CARE apart from the other programs is the total support, from the first phone call to your final destination is done with the high quality expertise of the team at Cleveland Clinic. When there is an emergency, the quality of support and care does make a difference! We want to know that we have the best helping us through a tough situation.”

—Roberta Intrater, San Francisco, California

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